The Commission measures the accuracy of assessments in each county and works with assessors to promote an accurate and fair assessment program. It conducts seminars and training sessions for assessors and their staffs. The Commission also hears taxpayers’ appeals from the local Boards of Equalization, and is responsible for the statewide assessment of the property of railroads, airlines, pipelines, electric and telecommunication companies.

The State Tax Commission is an administrative agency under the direction of three commissioners who are appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate. The Commission is given the responsibility of ensuring the uniform and equitable assessment of all taxable tangible property in the state. To assist the Commission in fulfilling this responsibility, there is a staff of appraisers, technicians, and hearing officers located in Jefferson City and throughout the state.

Our administrative structure is:

  • Administrative Secretary — directs the day-to-day operations of the commission.
    Contact: Stacey Jacobs, Administrative Secretary, 
  • Legal — includes hearing officers (for appeals), and provides legal support for the commission.
    Contact: Amy Westermann, Chief Counsel,
  • Local Assistance —  provides support to the County Assessors and monitors the level of assessment and assessment uniformity.
    Contact: Jeff Schmidt, Manager, Local Assistance Section, Jeff.Schmidt@stc.mo.gov
  • Original Assessment — values public utilities, railroads and other property that typically crosses many county boundaries.
    Contact: Rosella Schad, Manager, Original Assessment Section,

Contact Information for Main Office STC Employees


Gary Romine, Chairman gary.romine@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1704

Victor Callahan, Commissioner victor.callahan@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1703

Will Kraus, Commissioner will.kraus@stc.mo.gov 573-751-3471

Administration – Annual Report, assessor education, form 11/11As, legislation, and reimbursements

Stacey Jacobs, Administrative Secretary stacey.jacobs@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1716

Melina Scheperle, Administration melina.scheperle@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1724

Misty Frank, Administration misty.frank@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1735

Sandy Wankum, Administration sandy.wankum@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1709

Legal – Appeals, statutes, case law

Amy Westermann, Chief Counsel, amy.westermann@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1730

Eric Peterson, Senior Hearing Officer, eric.peterson@stc.mo.gov 314-972-2120

Laura Storck-Elam, Senior Hearing Officer, laura.storck-elam@stc.mo.gov 636-485-4612

Erica Gage, Senior Hearing Officer, erica.gage@stc.mo.gov 573-353-5933

Elaina McKee, Legal Secretary, Elaina.mckee@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1715

Original Assessment– Railroads, utilities, airlines, commercial aircraft, rural electrics

Rosella Schad, Manager, Original Assessment rosella.schad@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1729

Jeffrey Smith, Original Assessment jeffrey.smith@stc.mo.gov 573-526-6403

Stacey Cowan, Original Assessment stacey.cowan@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1708

Local Assistance – Assessment process & procedures, ratio studies

Jeff Schmidt, Manager, Local Assistance jeff.schmidt@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1726

Larry Hixson, Assistant Manager, Local Assistance larry.hixson@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1733

Kristen Solindas, Local Assistance kristen.solindas@stc.mo.gov 573-751-1728

Additional STC Information:

2021-2025 State Tax Commission Strategic Plan