Sunshine Law/Records Requests

Stacey Jacobs, Administrative Secretary, is the custodian of records for the Missouri State Tax Commission.  A request for public records of the State Tax Commission pursuant to Chapter 610, RSMo, must include the following information:


  • Submitted in writing to the Administrative Secretary, via email at or via mail to State Tax Commission of Missouri, 421 East Dunkin Street, PO Box 146, Jefferson City, MO  65102;
  • State that the request is made pursuant to “Missouri Sunshine Law,” the “Missouri Open Records Law,” “Chapter 610, RSMo,” or language of similar import;
  • State with particularity the records or information to which access is requested;
  • State the name, title (if any), address and/or email address of the person making the request;


Questions regarding the request for records should be directed to Stacey Jacobs, Administrative Secretary, at or 573-751-1716.