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Appealing Your Assessment

You may file an appeal with the State Tax Commission by downloading the Complaint for Review of Assessment form and submitting it through the mail or using email OR through our on-line filing. The on-line filing will submit your appeal automatically and will not require you to print the form or mail or e-mail the form.

On-Line Filing

Printable Forms


Do I need an attorney?

For most appeals to the State Tax Commission, representation by an attorney is not necessary. However, Missouri law requires that if the property is owned by a corporation (Inc, LLC, etc), partnership, trust, association or estate, an attorney must sign the Complaint.

How do I file the Complaint for Review of Assessment?

If you use the on-line filing, once you complete the form and “click” to submit, the Complaint is filed with the State Tax Commission.

If you chose to download a form, you may either send by mail or email the form to the State Tax Commission at:

P.O. BOX 146



What happens after I file my appeal?

 The appeal will be reviewed by the State Tax Commission. If there are any problems with your submission, you will be notified. If the appeal is accepted, it will be assigned an appeal number and a hearing officer. The hearing officer will notify you when your appeal is scheduled. Most notifications will be emailed to you. Please review your email settings to ensure the emails do not go to a “junk”, “spam”, or “trash” folder.

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Is there a deadline?

Your Complaint(s) must be filed with this Commission on or before September 30 of the year of assessment, or within thirty (30) days of the decision of the Board of Equalization, whichever is later.

NOTE:  These filing deadlines are set by statute, the State Tax Commission cannot extend them.  All Complaints sent by registered, certified or first class mail will be deemed filed as of the date of the postmark.  Complaints sent by metered mail shall be deemed filed as of the date of post office cancellation; otherwise, as of the date the Commission receives the Complaint

I purchased my property this year, may I appeal?

If you purchased the property within thirty (30) days of the statutory deadline for filing appeals to the board of equalization, or later in the year, and did not have a chance to appeal to the board of equalization, you will need to send your proof of purchase (sales contract and closing statement) in order that we have substantiating documentation of your purchase at a time which did not permit you to appeal to the board.  You should contact the county clerk in the county where your property is located to determine the date when an appeal to the board was due.

 Questions regarding the appeal process?

If you have further questions or wish to learn about property reassessment or tax appeals before the State Tax Commission, please click the following link:

Property Tax Appeals Before the State Tax Commission of Missouri,

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact the State Tax Commission at 573-751-1715.