Can I Pay My Real Estate or Personal Property Bill in Installments?

January 9th, 2013

The statutes do permit payment of taxes in installments if the county passes an ordinance to allow installment payments:

Taxes payable in installments may be adopted by ordinance in any county–delinquency, interest rate–payment not to affect right of taxpayer to protest–exemption for property taxes paid by financial institutions.

1. The governing body of any county may by ordinance or order provide for the payment of all or any part of current and delinquent real property taxes, in such installments and on such terms as the governing body deems appropriate. Additionally, the county legislative body may limit the right to pay such taxes in installments to certain classes of taxpayers, as may be prescribed by ordinance or order. Any delinquent taxes shall bear interest at the rate provided by section 140.100, RSMo, and shall be subject to the fees provided by law.

2. The county official charged with the duties of the collector shall issue receipts for any installment payments.

3. Installment payments made at any time during a tax year shall not affect the taxpayer’s right to protest the amount of such tax payments under applicable provisions of law.