Legal Decisions and Orders Issued March 10, 2023

March 10th, 2023

19-20135 Rimmey A4R and D and O

19-32042 National Church Residences A4R and D and O

19-79059 JC Penney Properties Inc D and O

19-79091 River North Holding Company LLC By McKeever Enterprises as Taxpayer Et Al D and O

20-32509 through 20-32520 1219 S Main St LLC et al D and O NPT

21-10140 Indian Meadows Trust et al D and O

21-15836 Jacob D and O

21-15852 21-15853 and 21-15854 Liu D and O

21-15872 Miller D and O

21-16695 Thomas D and O

21-18009 through 21-18019 Mitchell Jr D and O NPT

21-18245 Graham D and O

21-18292 Posner A4R and D and O

21-18460 Miller D and O

22-58000 Crawford D and O