Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Pertaining to Property Tax Receipts
Questions Pertaining to Motor Vehicles/Driver Licenses

    As an Active Member of the Military, Do I Have to Pay Property Taxes?

    Because of my Military Status, I Will Be Late Filing My Declaration or Paying My Taxes.

    Are Veterans or Former POW’s Exempt from Property Tax?

    Are Veterans or Former POW's Exempt from Property Tax?

Questions Pertaining to Real Estate Assessments

    Questions about Obtaining a Drivers License

    Questions About Renewing Plates for a Vehicle

    What to do if the On-Line Renewal Site says my Tax Receipt does not Match the DOR information

    How Much will the Sales Tax on my Vehicle Purchase be?

Questions Pertaining to Personal Property Assessments

    What type of Assistance is Available for Senior Citizens or Disable Persons?

    Can I Pay My Real Estate or Personal Property Bill in Installments?

    Do I Qualify For Missouri’s Property Tax Credit?

    What is the Homestead Preservation Credit?

How to File an Appeal of Your Assessment
Property Tax Assistance Programs

    Why is the Value of My Vehicle So High?

    I Sold My Car, Why Did I Receive a Bill?

    I Just Purchased a Vehicle and Need a Receipt/Waiver

    I Store my Boat in Another County. Where should I Claim it or How do I Obtain a Receipt for it?

    My Boat is Registered with the Coast Guard. Am I required to Pay Taxes on it?

    What Personal Property must I Claim on my Personal Property Declaration?

    What do I need to do to Ensure I receive an Annual Personal Property Bill?

Questions Pertaining to Military Personnel

    What Property is Exempt from Property Taxes?

    Our Organization / Church is Exempt from Sales Tax. Does that qualify us for an Exemption from Property Taxes?

    Does a 501C Automatically Qualify an Organization for Property Tax Exemption?

Questions Pertaining to Property Tax Exemptions

    How is the assessed value determined?/Why is my bill high or increased?

Questions Pertaining to Property Tax Sales
Questions About Income Tax